About Us:


- ENTHUSIASM: We enjoy our work because we love it and believe in what we do. 
- ETHICS: All of our staff and corporate actions are guided by honesty, loyalty and transparency. 
- SOLIDARITY: We foster leadership and teamwork as a way to grow together towards quality and excellence.
- SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We are committed to being good citizens regarding our customers, our employees, and our planet.
- PRUDENCE: We strive to minimize risks in all facets of our business in order to protect what we have and to increase its value.
- QUALITY OF SERVICE: Our clients are the reason for our existence.  All our actions are aimed at securing lasting relationships with fully satisfied clients. We strive to deliver prompt, courteous and personalized attention to each and every client.
"We believe in people for what they are, not what they have."                
"When the smallest grows, all rise accordingly" 
"We offer solutions, not problems."      
"Every day is an opportunity to realize our dream"    

MISSION: At Pacific Products International Inc. we are committed to satisfaction of the needs of our customers and distributors through a diverse range of excellent quality wood products in high demand throughout the world. We provide excellent customer service and competitive prices, while contributing positively to the environment.      

VISION: Pacific Products International has assumed a leadership position as a provider of tropical hardwoods, through innovation and active participation in the worldwide market. We offer competitive services in cooperation with and in harmony with the environment. We are convinced that our vision can only be achievable if our entire team feels and lives our mission in their everyday acts and deeds. We ask for and expect no less from our customers, suppliers, partners and friends, and we continue to attempt to influence them to act accordingly as well. Everyone wins when we all act with social responsibility. 

OUR GOAL: We provide ongoing training, and encourage our highly qualified staff to continue to provide first class service to our customers. We seek to provide our customers with the highest quality products, fully certified in accordance with international quality standards, all while remaining committed, to “green” principles in everything we do. We have great respect for the forests and trees that we harvest. It is our objective to use forestry methods that minimize losses and unnecessary waste of natural forest products in order to ensure their existence for future generations.

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